Heavy | Kiana Ledé

I don’t got my priorities straightDon’t know who I’m gonna be todayI’m no victim, but I deal with shit on the dailySomething pullin’, I can’t get awayNever livin’ outside of my headI don’t like showin’ weakness, so I always fake it Maybe some day, I will gain composureMaybe when I’m older, I’m scared, I’m scared, …



I’m Anne, a 41-year young free spirit, living and breathing in Amsterdam. I work for a festival and event production company called The Good Guyz.

In my spare time I love to write, travel, listen to music, take pictures, look for street art and just simply be outdoors. My favorite place on earth is Cape Town, South Africa. You can find me here at least once a year.

With this personal blog I would like to share my love for writing, photography and other cool stuff.