Dream big…

In one of the biggest Slums of Nairobi Kenya, young girls dream big. Every Wednesday afternoon, a classroom in one of the impoverished neighbourhoods of Kibera, is being transformed into a ballet studio. All desks and chairs are being cleared, the dust is swept off the floor and about 20 young girls from all over the area come over to dance.

Over the past 18 months, Swedish photographer Fredrik Lerneyrd has joined the ballet school to document the girls and their progress in class. The reason why Fredrik is drawn to this particular story is the contrast it presents, as ballet is considered an upper-class kind of dance, and not something you would expect in a settlement like Kibera.
The girl in the picture is the 16-year old Pamela Adhiambo. She’s the living proof of how to dream big. Thanks to the ballet school and her undeniable talent, she is now a student at Dance Center Kenya, where she goes to boarding school and trains 5 days a week. Her dream of becoming an aspiring Ballerina is funded by Artists for Africa.


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